Friday, June 17, 2011

Day starts at 6am

So I told myself Thursday night that I would at least sleep in till like 9 right? Well, my mom works around 6am and so all of a sudden Im hearing my name being screamed in this echo like tone and I wake up and my mom is sitting in a chair looking directly at me and says, "You need to go get your dad his car broke down in Mobile!". I was like OMG I really have to drive an hour, half sleep, at 6am?? LOL so then my mom is like "well no, just get up and help find a towing service for him". Boy! Was I relieved lol. I mean I seriously wouldnt mind going to get my dad at all, its just that I was awakened at an odd time without being prepared and I know im not the only one that has those moments. After finding him a tow service I couldnt go back to sleep at all. My dad calls me like an hour later wanting me to come pick him up at the auto service place down the street from our place. Well, Im driving and I see this old lady that lives across the way and I stop the car to say hey (during this moment i forgot to put my shades on) and the first thing she says is, "did you get any sleep baby? Youre eyes look like you need sleep?" LOL and I gave her a short version of why I look like crap right now. Sigh you gotta love old people because they dont sugar code anything, theyll just come on out and say whatever is on their mind. Then after that it was a day of running errands in the crazy weather of Pensacola where one side was really rainy and the other side was cloudy with the sun beaming. Lets not forget its still humid when it rains especially when you dont have air in your car, but yeah thats another story! :-)

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